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Shipping Your Prized Oboe!

For many oboists the thought of shipping their prized possesion is a true nightmare. However, with the proper precautions, your oboe can have a safe ride through the shipping process.

Use a box that is atleast 3 to 4 inches larger than the instrument case. Line the bottom of the case with a layer of styrofoam popcorn. Wrap the case with a layer of bubble wrap and place it on top of the popcorn. Fill the rest of the space with popcorn and bubble wrap. When you seal the box it should so stuffed that is difficult to tape up.

We recommend purchasing shipping insurance from the shipping company that you use. Unless you have instrument insurance or some other insurance that specifically covers your instrument through the shipping process, it is a good idea to pay the extra money.

We also recommend using either overnight or 2nd day air service. Use a ground service option only if it will take less than 3 days. The less time your package is in their hands the less oppurtunity for that worse case scenerio.

Please download and complete our contact information form and enclose it in the case. This will help us evaluate your instrument quickly and ensure we return it to the proper address.