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Our Process

Our process begins and ends with your complete satisfaction. When you contact us, we will discuss with you the problems you are having with your instrument and schedule a time that will require you to be without your instrument for the shortest possible amount of time. When we receive your instrument we will evaluate the concerns that you have and discuss with you the steps to take to put your instrument in its top working condition.

How can we do the best work for you and your specific requirements? Your instrument is just that, YOURS! It needs to work for you and your playing conditions. The more information you provide us about your needs the closer to those needs we can achieve. Many aspects of the instrument can be changed, i.e. spring tensions, key heights, and intonation. You do not have to feel locked in by your instrument. If you think something is wrong with your instrument then there probably is and you should talk to us about it.

Select Services

  • Professional Overhaul
  • Adjustment & Voicing
  • Crack Repair
  • Custom Modifcations
  • Regular Maintenace
  • Lectures & Teaching